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Owner: Colorado Department of Transportation
Work Days: 145
Contract Description:
The project improvements include resurfacing Santa Fe by diamond grinding the two mainline travel lanes of the NB and SB lanes from
Hampden to Florida. The project also includes replacing damaged panels NB and SB, and a dowel bar retrofit on SB Santa Fe as indicated
on the plans. The project also includes replacing bridge expansion joints on the Evans over Santa Fe bridge. There are a few ADA curb ramps needing replacement. There is little to no grading, no utility installation, and no landscaping.

Acme Concrete Paving, Inc. is interested in bidding on this project as a Prime but will be issuing a Subcontractor Quote for Concrete Grinding and Texturing, Concrete Pavement (Patching), Concrete Pavement Dowel Bar Retrofit, Routing and Sealing Concrete Pavement Cracks.

As a Prime Bidder, Acme is requesting quotes for the following items of work, including but not limited to:

  • 201-00005 Removal of Debris
  • 202-00210 Removal of Concrete Pavement
  • 202-00246 Removal of Asphalt Mat (Planing) (Special)
  • 202-00250 Removal of Pavement Marking
  • 202-00453 Removal of Portions of Present Structure (Class 2)
  • 202-00460 Removal of Portions of Present Structure (Class 3)
  • 202-00504 Removal of Expansion Device
  • 202-04010 Clean Inlet
  • 206-00066 Structure Backfill (Flowable Fly Ash)
  • 208-00054 Storm Drain Inlet Protection (Type II)
  • 304-05000 Aggregate Base Course (Class 5)
  • 403-34871 Hot Mix Asphalt (Grading SX) (100) (PG 76-28)
  • 509-08100 Provide Temporary Support
  • 515-00120 Waterproofing (Membrane)
  • 518-01004 Bridge Expansion Device (0-4 Inch)
  • 518-03100 Rapid Cure Silicone Joint Seal
  • 601-03057 Concrete Class DR
  • 601-51005 Galvanic Anodes
  • 602-00020 Reinforcing Steel (Epoxy Coated)
  • 606-10405 Bridge Rail Type 4 (Special)
  • 607-53005 Fence Chain Link (Special)
  • 608-00010 Concrete Curb Ramp
  • 614-85001 Impact Attenuator
  • 620-00002 Field Office (Class 2)
  • 620-00012 Field Laboratory (Class 2)
  • 620-00020 Sanitary Facility
  • 625-00000 Construction Surveying
  • 626-00000 Mobilization
  • 627-00008 Modified Epoxy Pavement Marking
  • 627-00013 Pavement Marking Paint (High Build)
  • 627-00025 4 Inch Pavement Marking Tape (Removable)
  • 627-02010 Preformed Plastic Pavement Marking (Type II) (Inlaid)
  • 627-30327 Preformed Plastic Pavement Marking (Word-Symbol)(Type III)
  • 627-30332 Preformed Plastic Pavement Marking (Xwalk-Stop Line)(Type III)
  • 630-00000 Flagging
  • 630-00003 Uniformed Traffic Control
  • 630-00004 Traffic Control Vehicle
  • 630-00012 Traffic Control Management
  • 630-80001 Flashing Beacon (Portable)
  • 630-80355 Portable Message Sign Panel
  • 630-85041 Mobile Attenuator
  • 632-00000 Night Work Lighting

Acme Concrete Paving, Inc, requires subcontractors to possess a current contractor’s license, insurance and workers compensation coverage meeting Acme Concrete Paving and/or Owner’s requirements.  All subcontractors will be required to sign a Subcontract Agreement and/or Purchase Order if necessary. Acme Concrete Paving, Inc. is an Equal Opportunity Employer.  We encourage bids from all interested subcontractors including those certified as disadvantaged, women, minority, disabled veteran, and small business.  Acme Concrete Paving offers assistance to all forms of disadvantaged business enterprises including, but not limited to, the following:  interpretation of plans, preparation of proposals, advice to obtain bonding and insurance, expected overtime, method of measurement, payment and work schedule, items of work included in scope, and any other project related issues.

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