ACME Concrete Paving grinding and rehabilitation division is equipped to restore roadways and add years of service to existing highways. As the premier concrete paving preservation and grinding company, in the Northwest, and provide all the tools and skills necessary to complete the most demanding projects.

With a fleet of profile grinders, we are equipped to provide cost-effective method to restore ride quality. Concrete diamond grinding removes wheel ruts, joint faulting, and other imperfections that are caused by heavy usage. The result is a smoother, quieter roadway with enhanced skid resistance and surface texture. Crews typically work in off-peak traffic hours, to minimize impacts to traffic and maximize usage of closed lanes. Crews are equipped with the highest horsepower diamond grinders in the industry and are coupled, with self-contained environmentally conscious slurry treatment plants, to ensure minimal impact. ACME owns and is certified to operate road profiling equipment to analyze existing and ground pavements for smoothness. ACME can aid project owners in evaluating their project in order to determine the best option for restoring their roadway to optimum conditions.

We meet more extensive rehabilitation needs by offering select panel replacement services. Individual concrete slabs are removed, replaced, and open to traffic in less than 6 hours. Our highly capable crews are geared for high production rehabilitation projects with specialized equipment for the task. Other services that we provide are dowel bar retrofit, cross stitching, spall repair, joint and crack sealing.

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ACME Concrete Paving is staffed, qualified and equipped to perform quality concrete paving and rehabilitation projects for highways, airfields, city streets and industrial developments.

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