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UDOT SR-201; I-80 to Jordan River

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Project No.: F-R299(307)
Project Name: SR-201; I-80 to Jordan River
Rehabilitation High Volume

Acme Concrete Paving, Inc. is interested in bidding on this project as a Prime but will be issuing a Subcontractor Quote for Concrete Grinding.

As a Prime Bidder, Acme is requesting quotes for the following items of work, including but not limited to:

  • Traffic Control
  • Survey
  • Pavement Marking Paint
  • Pavement Message (Performed Thermoplastic)
  • Pavement Message (Performed Thermoplastic Stop Line, Crosswalks – 12 Inch)
  • Sign Type A-1, 36 inch X 36 inch
  • Sign Type A-1, 30 inch X  360 inch
  • Sign Type A-2
  • Remove Sign Less Than 20 Square Feet
  • Remove Sign Greater Than or Equal to 20 Square Feet
  • Slipbase Sign Base (B3)
  • Sign Post P5
  • Post W10 X 19.0
  • Post W10 X 22.0
  • Sign Post Base (B6C) for W Section Steel Posts


Acme Concrete Paving, Inc, requires subcontractors to possess a current contractor’s license, insurance and workers compensation coverage meeting Acme Concrete Paving and/or Owner’s requirements.  All subcontractors will be required to sign a Subcontract Agreement and/or Purchase Order if necessary. Acme Concrete Paving, Inc. is an Equal Opportunity Employer.  We encourage bids from all interested subcontractors including those certified as disadvantaged, women, minority, disabled veteran, and small business.  Acme Concrete Paving offers assistance to all forms of disadvantaged business enterprises including, but not limited to, the following:  interpretation of plans, preparation of proposals, advice to obtain bonding and insurance, expected overtime, method of measurement, payment and work schedule, items of work included in scope, and any other project related issues.